We rented the villa for my wife’s fiftieth birthday celebration, inviting two families with whom we are remarkably close. Our party was composed of six adults and seven children, ages 8-11. We could not have been happier with the physical features of the property. This is our fourth time renting under such a circumstance, but no other villa has offered the luxury, the range of available extras or the accommodating staff of this one.  it is important to state that the villa possesses an intangible quality that I can only characterize by using the word “goodwill”. It is in the details, it is in the subtle, thoughtful touches and it is in the people who are or have been associated with the villa. First there is the  chief caretaker and manger, full of love, grace and poise (doesn’t hurt that he adores children, either.) Sophie, soft-spoken and unflappable, prepares food that exudes love and cleans house with pride and efficiency. The groundskeeper always has a twinkle in his eyes and a quality in his work. It doesn’t hurt that the owners call with some frequency to be sure that all is well and every expectation is being met. 

The bedrooms are all large and perfectly planned and each had a sizable and exquisitely decorated bathroom (with Casa Buene Suerte bath amenities). There is terrific closet space, plenty of hangers and additional space to spread out. The separate “palapa room” is a wonderful, romantic and secluded. The The kitchen is large and has every imaginable appliance, a vast range of cooking tools and utensils as well as more glassware, plates and serving dishes than one could ever use. On top of this, the pantry was stocked with almost every condiment one could imagine and finally a good cup of coffee in Mexico! We couldn’t get enough of the guacamole, shrimp ceviche and salsa as we waited for our dinners to be prepared. Whether you want steak, chicken, or fish as your main course, you will not be disappointed. Off the kitchen is a living room with a vast u-shaped coach, a 50” flat screen television and all the multi-media “bells and whistles” one might require. There is also a formal circular dinner table that can accommodate twelve people easily. The outdoor spaces are nirvana. The pool is huge, easily accommodating the entire group when necessary. There are chaise lounges around the pool, surrounding the palapa and on the beach. There is an outdoor dining area, wrapped beautifully by a “lounge” area with the signature, striped cushions of the property. Most nights we took our dinners in this area, sometimes after cocktails on the rooftop, which was also delightful and with magnificent views. Speaking of views, it is important to note that the beach is a your doorstep. Each morning the sun rises over the ocean and the views of Soliman Bay are both relaxing and reassuring you have finally found paradise.  I cannot think of a better place to get away from the world.
Miguel J. Brito, CEO & Head of St Phillips Academy in New Jersey, June 2012



I run a vacation rental company that represents over 2500 properties across the Caribbean & Mexico. I have had the pleasure in the course of my work, to experience a wide range of wonderful homes, but there are none quite as inviting and magical as Casa Buena Suerte. This house is like no other I have seen along the Riviera Maya. Though the property and accommodations are quite large, I am amazed at the small footprint of the home. The manner in which the property blends into the surrounding landscape and obtains a harmony with nature is unparalleled. I am thoroughly impressed with the subtle class of the furnishings...you can see the artful eye for detail in the decor with every piece of furniture, art and every fixture selected with purpose and perfection. In addition to the beautiful surroundings, the friendliness, warmth and professional manner of the staff makes Casa Buena Suerte an unforgettable vacation experience. Hugo and Sofia are fantastic and go above and beyond expectations to make a "house" a "home."

I have had the extraordinary pleasure of visiting hundreds of vacation rentals from Cancun, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal, Playa del Carmen and beyond, but there is nothing in Mexico like Casa Buena Suerte.
(10 out of 10, 5 stars) Bryan Leblang, COO Villas Caribe.com in September, 2011

I can hardly express to you how much we enjoyed our trip to the Mayan Riviera and especially CASA BUENA SUERTE. It more than met our expectations. Each room in the common areas was beautifully laid out, the bedroom suites were luxurious and the outside of the property was the best. The kids lived in the pool. I'm sure, if there were neighbors, they had an earful of games of tag and 500.

We had a good idea of what the place was like, but photos and descriptions cannot capture the essence of being there. When we entered the gate, we were blown away with the overall effect of the grounds. It was breathtaking!!

But the very best part of the house is the staff. . . so friendly and helpful in every way. It seemed that we could just mention something and Hugo would be there to take care of it. He even arranged for a birthday cake for our son-in-law, candles and all. My daughter with the 16-month old couldn't believe that she didn't have to wash a bottle for the whole week. Each staff member played particular attention to our little Carolyn and she just ate it up.

The meals were so good and so easy. It's difficult to take 6 children out to restaurants. Having the chef service became the highlight of the trip. Thanks, also, for recommending David to us. We used his transfer service and also took a snorkel trip with him. He was most courteous and showed a lot of patience with such a large group. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. We will return!!
Gene and Betty Blount - Joaquin, Texas in June 2011

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